Kata Kunci: WMS, LES, Algoritma RANSAC, ROI.


Abstrak - Perusahaan yang bergerak pada bidang logistik membutuhkan inovasi untuk meningkatkan daya saing dalam memberikan layanan terbaik mereka kepada konsumen, salah satunya pada Warehouse Management System (WMS) karena sistem tersebut masih kesulitan dalam mencocokkan data lokasi dengan sistem Logistics Execution System (LES) yang dipakai konsumen. sehingga pada bagian operation system management masih kesulitan dalam proses penempatan barang. Penelitian ini menggunakan algoritma RANSAC untuk mengukur keakuratan data lokasi barang pada proses penempatan barang yang sesuai, Region Of Interest (ROI) untuk memperkecil ruang lingkup data lokasi barang. Hasil analisis yang telah dilakukan dengan melakukan pencocokan data WMS dan LES didapatkan nilai persentase sebesar 87% untuk tingkat keakuratan data lokasi barang dengan mengolah 100 sample data lokasi barang yang dimiliki perusahaan. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan sangat bermanfaat karena dapat melakukan pencocokan data berdasarkan lokasi barang.


Abstract -  Companies that are engaged in logistics need innovation to improve competitiveness in providing their best services to consumers, one of which is the Warehouse Management System (WMS) because the system is still having difficulty matching location data with the Logistics Execution System (LES) system used by consumers. so that in the operation system management section there are still difficulties in the process of placing goods. This study uses the RANSAC algorithm to measure the accuracy of item location data in the process of placing the appropriate goods, Region of Interest (ROI) to reduce the scope of the location data of goods. The results of the analysis that have been done by matching WMS and LES data obtained a percentage value of 87% for the level of accuracy of the location data of goods by processing 100 samples of location data of goods owned by the company. The results of this study indicate that it is very useful because it can do data matching based on the location of the item.

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Syafrial Fachri Pane, Politeknik Pos Indonesia

i'm a lecturer and research assistant in the department of informatics engineering from Higher Education in Indonesia Polytechnic Pos Indonesia Bandung. Gaining a degree: Associate Degree in Informatics Engineering from Pos Polytechnic of Indonesia, Bachelor of Informatics Engineering from Pasundan University (Indonesia) in 2012 and Magister of Informatics Engineering from Bina Nusantara University (Indonesia). Research interests, teaching, professional experience, and so on. His research conducted in the field of Information Technology Infrastructure, Data Science and Decision Support System In addition to being a researcher, I am an assessor of BNSP (National Agency for Professional Certification) in the field of Database licensed by the Indonesian government, and assumes the position of head of student affairs, alumni and cooperation in Polytechnic Pos Indonesia.

Rolly Maulana Awangga, Politeknik Pos Indonesia

Rolly Maulana Awangga is a researcher in the field of Social Network Analysis, Data Science and Machine Learning. He develops the application of the Agenda of the President of the Republic of Indonesia and the National Policy Support System of the State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia. After graduating high school, Continuing in college STT Telkom in 2004.  There are many from organisation and committee, from internal to external campus.During college(2008-2010) working in marketing and sales division Telkom Divre III Jabar Banten in Competitive Intelligence section as Community Content Developer.  After his graduation from a bachelor in 2010.  He immediately got a scholarship from faculty to continue master studies in ITTelkom. His master field in informatics engineering with engineering software engineering. During the master program, he had been a lecturer in Department of Information Management at Telkom Polytechnic for one semester simultaneously also became a lecturer in Information Technology Faculty of Telkom Institute of Technology for one year and even act as Account Manager of IT Project under the Vice Rector for Cooperation. To fulfil his passion as a professional in IT field after master graduation, founded the company and became Expert in some IT Consultant in Bandung. At the same time, the community of Saung IT also established a non-profit organisation for the development of IT education in the city.  Become a journalist in Pikiran Rakyat and Volunteer ICT West Java. Currently active as a Lecturer in Applied Bachelor Program of Informatics Engineering Politeknik Pos Indonesia.

Maulyanda Az, Politeknik Pos Indonesia

i'm a student department of informatics engineering from Politeknik Pos Indonesia Bandung. His research conducted in the field of Information Engineering and Logistics. In addition to being a researcher, also a provider of consulting services and web-based application creation.

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